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Balance ta peur!

This summer, the Grignoux will open the courtyard of the cinema and brewery Sauvenière every Wednesday (day or night) for little ones, big ones and families.
Wednesday, 26 August, we’re getting together to bring you the shivers in the land of stories.

Balance ta peur! (Face your fear)

« Y'avait une fois un bruit assourdissant, un grondement, un cri qui nouait les ventres. La peur s'était installée dans les villes et villages. Puis des enfants intrépides sont sortis de leurs maisons pour chasser les monstres aux bouches affreuses et menaçantes hors de la cité. Y'avait une fois des enfants qui ont osé désobéir et braver l'interdit avec ruse et courage ! »

“There was once a deafening noise, a growling, a cry that would put your stomach in knots. Fear arrived in the cities and villages. The bravest children came out of their house to chase monsters with atrocious and scary mouths out of the city. Once upon a time, there were children who were brave enough to disobey and face the forbidden cunningly and courageously!”

  • Warning: interactive and active stories with funny sound effects, vocals and instrumentals. For the big kids, starting from 6 years old. The activity will take place in French.

La Sardine

Aline Fernande - aka La Sardine - is an artist, storyteller, performer. She is also the artistic director of the Brussels  Dimanches du Conte, together with photographer Novella De Giorgi.
Under her many hats, she speaks powerfully in favour of minorities, the marginalised, those who live outside of norms and questions of gender.



Participation is based on the principle of personal responsibility and commitment: each person, based on their own situation, means and priorities, contributes what they believe is fair and consistent with what they receive. It’s also about giving value to the project and the speakers/artists in a spirit of exchange and sharing.



Aline Fernande. Photo : Pôm Bouvier B.
Aline Fernande. Photo : Pôm Bouvier B.