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Voix De Femmes sees culture as a powerful vector for emancipation and social progress, when it can be accessed, appropriated and questioned.

Guided by an artist or a collective, the purpose of the workshops and encounters are to discover, exchange and express.

Building on an artistic or cultural practice, artists reflect and collectively come up with creative responses to society’s challenges that concern us and that we live through: gender equality and the respect and value of cultural diversity.

These activities take the form of a series of rather long workshops or unique encounters. They explore diverse topics: work, new technologies, the immigration process, freedom of action and expression, overcoming struggles, etc.

They target diverse audiences.

Some of them target a wide audience, while others fall under a a specific project that has been going for over 10 years, with more vulnerable audiences. These are adapted formats (expression), set up in collaboration with a network of partner associations.

The workshops sometimes generate collective creations in multiple formats: plastic arts, films, sound creations... They are broadcast and presented as a part of the events organized by Voix De Femmes, particularly during the festival, or by the project’s partners. 

Associations or individuals are invited to discover the current or future series.

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25 July > 08 August | 2020

Cécile Barraud de Lagerie est coloriste, illustratrice, designer multi-facettes. Elle est également l'illustratrice attitrée de nos festivals depuis 2017, et l'une de nos anciennes Curieuses Résidentes .

Mais surtout, elle est spécialisée dans les couleurs, les imprimés et le tissage...

10 > 11 | July | 2020

Puisqu'enfin on a le droit : Voix De Femmes s'installe dans la Cafétéria Collective Kali pour deux jours de création sonore, de conte, de film documentaire et de rencontres.

Des formats de poche pour explorer des champs bien plus vastes : le travail, le soin, l'Histoire et les histoires.

Et - évidemment - se retrouver.

Workshops & meetings