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Brazil / Women's voices: Identity, Memory, Imagination

In 2009, Voix De Femmes held a meeting entitled “Women's voices: Identity, Memory, Imagination” in Rio de Janeiro. This meeting was the first step of a project supported by the European Commission under the Culture Program 2007-2013 – cultural cooperation with and in third-world countries.

This project included partners from Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands and Brazil of which Voix De Femmes was the coordinator. It aimed to promote the role and place of women in different cultures through a cycle of artistic meetings that began in Brazil, grew in Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands and ended in Brazil by creating a first Voix De Femmes Festival in Rio de Janeiro. The aim was to create a dialogue between Brazilian and European cultures from founding elements of different identities, including a meeting between Candomblé from Brazil and Taranta from southern Italy.

This dialogue went from exchange and concrete experience between the artists, through the creation of artistic works and by the meeting of experts. Only the first stage of this vast project took place. It consisted of a mini-festival of three days in Recordatorio (Rio de Janeiro) bringing together artists and women associations (Mulheres de Pedra), research and expertise in the field of Candomblé (Rio de Janeiro and Salvador Bahia) and in the field of contemporary plastic arts (Sao Paulo) as well as a first step in the preparation of the First brazilian edition of the Voix De Femmes Festival scheduled for 2010.