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Brûler dedans / Brûler dehors (De part et d'autre de l'emploi)

As a starting point, there is the theatre piece Où est Alice ? by the Compagnie Paulette Godart. We’ll give the floor to those who have first-hand experience of complex, employment-related difficulties. Whether it's about redevelopment, burnout, loss or stoppage of work, we all have had a moment in our lives where we had to deal with the loss of meaning of work or unemployment.

For the philosophical workshops, we’ve reflected together on the meaning of work and the absence of work, the shift, the breakage, one that forces you to stop, like a state of play that inhabits those who show up every day on both sides of the employment counselling office. 
From this, a sound creation was born where we can hear all of these voices. This is the way.
Duration: 25 minutes
Sound creation made as a part of the permanent education workshops of the Voix De Femmes asbl.
Thanks to Alice, Annick, Anouck, Ans, Caroline, Christel, Delphine, Laura, Martine, Muriel, Nadine, Sophie, Valérie, and Viga.