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Burkina Faso / Daanda Debbo

From 2009 to 2012 Voix De Femmes was the leader of the Daanda Debbo Project, supported by the European Commission with Het WCC-Zuiderperhuisd, Antwerp, and the Fest-40, Burkino Faso. The objective was to reinforce the local culture, the access to culture and the role of women in a Sahara region, in Fada N’Gourma. Two editions of the Festi*-40, an extraordinary festival, both local and international. were dedicated to the role and the place of women in the Women’s Day (gathering of women in the region of Fada), a Daanda Debbo Night (evening of concerts given by women artists), exhibitions, workshops and meetings of the Cultural Attic of Fada, reception center of the festival.

The creation of a “women” focus in this festival has sensitized the public to the cause of women. To achieve concrete results with the women in the region, we framed the structure of the target group of 200 women. Two associations have been created, one of which brings together a previously unstructured public (83 cultivators) and the second association groups the members of five existing associations that are federated (128 brooders). With these two groups, represented by two officials, the first training activities were carried out. The two presidents were invited to the 10th Festival Women’s Voices in 2011 to participate in meetings.

The Daanda Debbo Night was conceived not only as a popular evening festival but also as a launching platform for local and regional artists: three groups of women artists were selected and then were invited to the 10th Festival Voix De Femmes. One of these artists, Awa Deme, has now begun a real career: creation with the band Zita Swoon, release of an album and international tours.