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Chaabi Habibi: Fête de la Musique in Droixhe

The Chaabi Habibi project is led in Belgium by Belgian-Moroccan musician Laïla Amezian and the non-profit association HalfmOon, together a.o. with members of the group B'net Chaabi. The project explores the popular repertoires of Morocco carried by the women of the diaspora in Belgium, through a wide range of activities

Line up of the Music Festival “Fête de la Musique” in Droixhe

  • 15:15 > 15:45 | Dakka Simo & Chaimae 

In the purest tradition of dakka marrakchiya, the musicians of the band will make you dance and shiver to the rhythms and songs that are found in the processions accompanying celebrations. A ritual and folk musical form, the art of the Dakka straddles religious incantation and African trance. Eventhough this practice is considered profane, the dakka takes on a sacred character and sets the tone for an unforgettable moment under the sign of celebration and trance.

  • 15:45 >16:30 | B’net Chaabi

Members of B'net Chaabi are driven by a desire to perpetuate the musical tradition inherited from their elders, in Belgium. Accompanied by a keyboard and percussion, they will share their passion for these melodies with you all and transmit the bewitching energy of these rhythms passed on from generation to generation all the way to reach us!

Chaabi Habibi is a project led by HalfmOon in partnership with MetX, Nakhla, Muziekpublique, Bij’ de Vieze Gasten, Le Senghor, Vaartkapoen, Darna, Corso, Voix De Femmes & FMV.

With the support of Vlaamse overheid voor Bovenlokale Cultuurprojecten, VGC Erfgoed, Accord de Coopération Communauté flamande et Communauté française, COCOF Service Culture-Musique, Un Futur pour la Culture-Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles & Brussels 2030.



B'net Chaabi. Photo :  Youssef Aabich.
B'net Chaabi. Photo : Youssef Aabich.