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Ciné-performance : "Häxan" revu et corrigé, une dernière fois

For all of those who were so sad to have missed it at the last Voix De Femmes Festival, Les Sorties de Chaudron are back one last time where it all started!

“Häxan” reloaded

Directed in 1922 by Benjamin Christensen, the Dano-Swedish silent film “Häxan” (called “Witchcraft Through the Ages” in English), tells the history of witchcraft.

Recreating orgies, torture, or even hysteria in the convent, Christensen leads us deep into the Inquisition: pyres, Sabbaths, and other pacts with the devil.

These strong and dreamlike scenes are revisited, nearly a century later, by the Liege collective Les Sorties de Chaudron, created for this purpose.

More than a live soundtrack, these four women have built a political spectacle that delightfully combines eccentric musical creations, over-dubbing, dramatic noise and erratic dancing!

Please note that this performance is french speaking.


The film projection will end with some drinks, friends and music…a bespoke evening.