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Des roses et du pain : theatre workshops and collective creation

In collaboration with the Maison des Femmes d’Ici et d’Ailleurs, a long-term theatre workshop project saw the day in 2018.

The participants’ objective for this project : explore collective writing for two years, play together, and reach a collective theatrical creation to perform for the greater public.

2018 - 2019: The trouble with women 

“Once, women didn’t exist. That’s why they aren’t in the history books. There were men, and amongst them, a certain number of geniuses”: The trouble with women, a short but hilarious cartoon by author Jacky Fleming, ironically tells the story of the evolution of women’s status in our society.

This was the basis of the first cycle of workshops (start in September 2018 and closed in spring 2019), launched as a part of this project: by using jokes and well-played self-ridicule, the participants explored various themes related to their individual and collective experiences.

Coordinators: Lara Persain and Sarah testa

2019 – 2020 : Des roses et du pain

A second work cycle launched in September 2019. It was dedicated to collective writing. Improvisations built from the life stories of different participants entered into dialogue with a rich dramatic material (texts, articles, audio or filmed documentaries, theatrical projects, etc.).

There is “nothing left to do” but embody it on stage. But then, a virus stopped the world (you may have heard of it). In any case, the team continues talking via WhatsApp during lockdown, and the line stays on.

In fall 2020, and after six months of forced hiatus, the group met up again for a few work sessions. Regardless of the crazy context, they're bringing this project to completion : “Des roses et du pain” will be performed on October 17 and 18 as a part of the Pocket weekend #2.

With: Christiane, Fatima, Jamila, Margarita, Rita, and Sadia.
Project manager: Lara Persain.
Co-coordinators: Alice Tahon, Julie Peyrat.
Scenography: Marie Hélène Tromme.
Outside eye : Camille Lefèvre.