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Elsa Poisot

An ESACT graduate (Royal Conservatory of Liège), Elsa Poisot is an actress, author and director. The most prominent of her favourite subjects are: north-south relations, identity, gender… Yes, we’ll have that cup of tea!

In 2009, she created Ecarlate la Campagnie: a project combining art and pedagogy. The company’s projects (Ti Manmaille, 2013 andKinky Birds,2016), explore the relationships between gender, society and culture.

Autrices, a project started in 2013 with Line Guellati and producer Corinne Ricuort, features “foreign” literature written by African and Afro-descendent women. The project led to a festival of the same name, held in Brussels between September 2015 and July 2016. Since then, it has continued through workshops, seminars and lectures.

In 2018, Elsa Poisot launched a new project together with Bérénice Masset: La Deuxième Scène, which takes place over several acts and focuses on the place of the woman in live performance. Act 1 covers the history of the professionalization of women, and Act 2 discusses the issue of repertoire and women’s heritage. Acts 3 and 4 aim to define the current state of inequalities of rights and practices between men and women in the circus, stories, dance and theatre through a study with a chapter on intersectional issues. Elise Moreau helped her produce this work alongside Uliège and UCL for research and La Chaufferie Acte 1 for management.


Her Curieuse Résidence

Elsa Poisot’s Curieuse Résidence will be dedicated to her interdisciplinary project Buddy Body.

In 2010, in the post-earthquake Port-au-Prince, she discovered the collection led by Patricia Forster, called Minding the Body. Published in 1994, it’s a collection of texts by female authors who discuss the relationship they have with their bodies.

Buddy Bodyis about refreshing, diversifying and democratizing the approach: finding new speakers that bring to light the diversity of bodies and today’s feminine experiences; define the injunctions these bodies are subjected to, identify and raise awareness about the resistance that forms around this subject. Thus, the Curieuse Résidence launch the first phase of research, collecting testimonies and probably the presentation of the first steps of work.

For this project, Elsa Poisot sought to combine scenic and sound creation. She teamed up with Myriam Pruvot (artist, musician, performer and researcher), Emilie Jonet (costume designer and set designer), and Corinne Ricuort (producer).

To follow Elsa Poisot’s work, visit the website or Facebook page of Elcarlate la Compagnie.


Elsa Poisot © Marianne Gossy
Elsa Poisot © Marianne Gossy