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In 2009 and 2010, Voix De Femmes participated in the project “FaNanat”, supported by the Anna Lindh Foundation, whose aim was to support feminine creation in the Mediterranean by organizing festivals and creations.

The project was held in Belgium (Voix De Femmes), Tunisia (El Teatro) and Morocco (Tamlalt) in collaboration with Platform Siwa (France) and Mediana (Belgium). It aimed to enhance the role and place of women in different cultures through the creation of a traveling Euro-Mediterranean festival. This project started at the 9th Festival Voix De Femmes with the invitation of Euro-Mediterranean artists (Angélique Ionatos, Officina Zoe, Addal, Malouma …) and involved the organization of activities in the Mediterranean countries.

In October 2010, in Tunis, El Teatro organized a festival under the title “The F… respectful” included a meeting of free secular thinkers in Fine Arts in the Arab world and the Mediterranean, cultural projects management workshops and the new techniques, a residence for girl photographers, a meeting of writers, theater and dance performances and a photo exhibition resulting from the residence.
In Morocco, the project “Thinking of You” was jointly organized by Siwa-Platform and Tamlalt. It consisted of a first trip for tracking and knowledge of the area and then a creation-residence  held in July 2011 in Tajelt. After several days of meeting and working with women who still remember ancient songs, the project ended with the interpretation of these songs outside, an exceptional moment in this little village clinging to the mountain.