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Femmes et numérique (women and digital)

“The artist, as someone who spreads ideas, conveys the taste of appropriating digital tools and transgression. Practice is at the heart of the experience and becomes a pretext for learning."
Albertine Meunier

On October 2 2014, Voix De Femmes gives focus to female digital creation and on universal access to digital culture.

One day, set up in two stages. From 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., a workshop for the Art & Expression audience will discuss the difficulties in accessing digital technology. From 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., a public round table discussion peppered with performances and projections will lead the discovery of female digital creation: innovative projects by female artists who brilliantly take on new challenges in the area of Art & Technologies. We are seizing the moment, diving into the unknown!

Isabelle Simonis, Minister of Women's Rights and Equal Opportunities, will attend.


Valérie Cordy, moderator

A woman of theatre, visual artist, musician, an artist specialised in new forms of authorship involving technology and digital culture, Valérie Cordy has created several theatre shows and multimedia performances. A member of the International Theatre Institution and the Commission of Digital Arts, she has directed the Fabrique de Théâtre, a research lab in Stage Arts of Hainaut.

Pascale Barret

A hybrid artist, Pascale Barret creates videos, fixtures and performances that challenge and transform the way we see things. With First Actual Case of Bug Being Found, she takes an interest in mathematician Grace Hopper, who coined the expression “computer bug”. In 1949, dedicated to programming the first digital computer, she discovered an insect (bug) stuck between two keys, blocking the computer and noted this first “bug” in her logbook.

​Lucille Calmel

Researcher of living texts, Lucille Calmel explores the performative dimensions between bodies, sounds and textualities. The performance of Sansespace (Extension) is a live production of screens through software diversions, system shortcuts and other derivatives where the author compiles, in a single poetic and musical gesture, 147 recordings of love posts written on the internet between 2004 and 2008, a collection of reversed daylight skies and subtitles from around fifty TV series.

​Alice Cornelus

A lover of contemporary and visual art, passionate about electronic music & digital art, Alice founded and has chaired since January 2012, WMN! Women Multimedia Network, creator of events, seeder of culture, independent media that offers a space to innovative projects and to the electronic music of women artists, which seeks to increase the visibility of digital creations with the public.

Albertine Meunier

Digital artist since 1998, Albertine Meunier just created the artistic movement DataDada. Hype(r)Olds forever! Is a concept of internet workshops exclusively targeting women over 77. They introduce women who are usually disconnected from the digital world to the digital culture, breaking down the learning of its jargon simply by creating content. An approach shifting from the transmission of technical knowledge, which makes it possible to challenge ideas.

Brigitte Kaquet

Founder and director of the Voix De Femmes Festival.

Morgane Batoz-Herges

Administrator of Voix De Femmes, in charge of Prospection and Development at the Maison des Auteurs and advisor for PILEn, Partenariat Interprofessionnel du Livre et de l'Edition Numérique.

As a part of the Quinzaine Numérique in Liege in partnership with BAM FestivalWebFest and Etnik'Art.
With the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Ministry of Culture, the Walloon Region and the Province and City of Liege. And as a part of the Contre/Bandes.


When I'm Bad, Lucille Calmel © Alexandra Sebbag
When I'm Bad, Lucille Calmel © Alexandra Sebbag