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Festival Voix De Femmes #11


They come from everywhere, born in a part of the world, living in another, been here forever, arrived recently, they have roller-coaster life courses, languages of all colours, imaginary and hidden dreams, they share this thing that no one can name that looks like a knot, a fist, something in the pit of their stomachs that urges them to create one way or another: soul , flamenco, maloya, pop, rock, film, writing, theatre, dance, painting, photo, mail art, performance …

In Liège, Brussels and Ghent, Voix de Femmes unveils its new identity. We love unusual works, breaking down barriers, forms reinventing themselves, halfway between two disciplines, two styles, out-of-the-box initiatives: concerts in the yurt, musicians face to face, object theatre, a blues girl from bygone days, alone on stage and lit with candles, Ukrainian ethnic chaos, dancing on borders, postal art installation… We want you to love what we love, but also share the risks we take: creations, previews, student scenography work, workshops, work in progress…

In Brussels, Flagey and the Théâtre National for a film retrospective, two previews, two concerts. In Ghent, five concerts at De Centrale, our new partner. In Liège, four days of festival at Caserne Fonck with fifteen concerts, small forms, an exhibition, a film club, workshops, a Dimanche Suspendu, a new circularity and a get-together: Que peut l’Art ?

You’ve been warned: be there or be square!

Brigitte Kaquet

Artistes invitées

Rokia Traoré (Mali), Mesparrow (France), Marion Hänsel (Belgium), Buika (Spain), Emel Mathlouthi (Tunisia), Shazia Mirza (UK), Liesje Lefever (Belgium), Jovanca Steele (USA/Belgium), Soe Nsuki (Belgium), Mélissa Laveaux (Haiti), Sarah Carlier (Belgium), Riff Cohen (Israel/France), Bénédicte Liénard & Mary Jimenez (Belgium), Bénédicte Mottart (Belgium), Sílvia Pérez Cruz (Spain), Christine Salem (France/La Réunion), Dom La Nena (Brazil), DakhaBrakha (Ukraine), Mirel Wagner (Finland), Sinda Guessab, Valérie Gimenez & Selin Altiparmak (Algeria, Spain, Turkey), Sudha Ragunathan (India), BabaFish (Belgium), Night Shop Theatre (Belgium), Soema Montenegro (Argentina), Seni Görmem Imkansiz (Turkey), Cumbia Ya! (France), Ghalia Benali (Belgium/Tunisia), Lucilla Galeazzi & B’Net Houariyat (Italia/Morocco), Réhab Mehal (France/Morocco), Lara Gasparotto (Belgium), Lilie Oma (Belgium), Charlotte Beaudry (Belgium), Aurélie William Levaux (Belgium), Alice Lorenzi (Belgium), Sarah Conti (Belgium).