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Festival Voix De Femmes #12

No Borders

Here, creation has neither age nor borders and comes in all forms!
World, pop, soul, jazz, slam, indie, hip-hop, fado, flamenco, Salento, electro … music unfolds on three Belgian cities: Liege, Brussels and Ghent.

La Caserne Fonck, heart of the festival in Liège, see also the birth of an EMERGENCES cycle focused on multidisciplinary contemporary creation: from 15 to 17 October, concerts, exhibitions, screenings, performances, installations, sites, web-doc, giff-wall, workshops, meetings and nap … (!) are on the program!

Different works. Decompartmentalization. The boundaries are erased, the classification of arts disappears or becomes more complex: NO BORDERS, if it evokes tragic news it reflects the necessary disappearance of isolationism and dogmas in the artistic field.
But –is a reminder necessary? – A constant guides our choices, an artistic line based from the start on a simple proposition: here, it is the women who create and this year they cover their tracks, trap and surprise by joyful and powerful works!
Sublime deformities, unstable or insatiable lights, proclaimed or sung poetry, a bit of klezmer and lyricism, sampling, unpublished texts, film families, UFOs, classical sounds, contemporary resonances: some whiz kidshave crept into the Women’s Voice bins # 12.
The trip starts with a great lady, Giovanna Marini and her latest creation: “Sono Pasolini” at the Théâtre de Liège. It closes with Lizz Wright in Flagey.
Between them, in Liege, Caserne de Fonck, the Mirror City, the Halte. And in Ghent, De Centrale.
Yes, if you do not come, you will regret it!

Brigitte Kaquet,
Director and Programmer


Line up

Akua Naru (USA), Alice Jarry (Canada), Binti (Belgium), Camera-etc (Belgium), Caroline Lamarche (Belgium), La Compagnie Paulette Godart (Belgium), Claire Goldfarb (Belgium), Feryal Öney (Turkey), Françoise Gamma (France/Spain), Geneviève Damas (Belgium), Giovanna Marini (Italia), Gloria Boateng (Belgique Belgium Mazotta (Albania/Italia), Isabelle Wéry (Belgium), Jambinai (South Korea), Julie Kern Donck (Belgium), Laurence Moletta (France), Laurence Vielle (Belgium), Léa Rogliano (Belgium/France), Les soeurs H (Belgium/Switzerland), Lizz Wright (USA), Lula Pena (Portugal), Mansfield.TYA (France), Marie Zolamian (Belgium), Nancy Nkusi (Belgium), Récital Boxon (Belgium), Rocío Márquez (Spain), Sandrine Deumier et Véronique Binst (France/Belgium), Tata Milouda (France/Morocco), Yaël André (Belgiuma).