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Festival Voix De Femmes #2

From 26 December 1992 to 6 January 1993, the l'Atelier de Recherches Théâtrâles of the Cirque Divers organised a second Voix de Femmes festival, which was held in Liege at the Cirque Divers and the Royal Music Conservatory. On the programme: Concerts, dance, readings, photo exhibition and artistic workshops for performing arts students.
Artist Programme
Adonnisulana (Corsica), Eduidad Bares (Spain), Giovanna Marini (Italy), Helix ensemble (Belgium), Houria Aïchi (Algeria), Isabelle Urbain & Mireille Bailly (Belgium), Karoline Zaidline (France), Lis Hughes Jones (Great Britain), Shaala Alam (France/Kurdistan), Sonja Kehler (Germany).