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Laboratoire Renversement(s)


Towards a lesbian theatre?

They started from the following postulate as put forward by feminist writer and philosopher Monique Wittig: heterosexuality is a political regime and an ideology that structures our imaginations. This therefore means that all art is inferred as heterosexual, straight, and that any form of theatre, as long as it does not go through a shift of perspective, a reversal, on itself, is necessarily straight.

The all-women members of the Reversal(s) Laboratory are actors, writers, playwrights, directors, producers, lesbians. And it is most probable that until now, they all always did straight theatre. Without realising it.

They are joining forces this year during Curieuse Résidence (Curiosity Residency 2023) to conduct collective research on the possibility for a lesbian theatre: stories, acting, technical or production means, terms of restitution... the field is very wide, and furthermore joyful. Each residency will revolve around dramaturgical and stage explorations.

The Laboratoire Renversement(s) includes:

Julie Baffier-Caliciuri, actor, writer and director,

Madeleine Camus, actor and photographer,

Marthe Degaille, actor, writer and director,

Caroline Godart, playwright, writer and teacher,

Alix Maraval, performing arts producer,

and Anaïs Moray, actor, director and teacher.