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The Magdalena Project

The Voix De Femmes Festival began in 1991 in the context of the Magdalena Project. The International Network of Women in Contemporary Theater of which Brigitte Kaquet is one of the founders.

The Magdalena Project is an international and transcultural network of women who work in contemporary professional theater. Its first event took place in Cardiff in 1983 and an impressive number of events, meetings, workshops, etc. have taken place in more than thirty world cities Denmark, Norway, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Egypt, the United States, Cuba, Columbia Brazil, Singapore, The Philippines, Taiwan… in over two decades.

It celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2011 and is continuing today to develop in several continents. Its project is mainly based on the exchange of experiences, the presentation of work-in-progress, workshops and meetings. But it is mainly a matter of deep links, based on a mentoring of women’s lives over three successive generations, entirely dedicated to theater, its practiced, its teaching and reflection.

The branches of the Magdalena Project reach over international boundaries and through generations. The groups get together in concrete terms, as well as virtually, to exchange, create and spread work and ideas. Its longevity, thanks to the will of its members is a testimony to that which can be attained together in a spirit of community and unity.