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Pocket weekend

Please note that those activities will be held in French.

Since we’re finally allowed to: we’re diving into two days of sound creation, stories, documentary films and gathering!

For the occasion, the Cafétéria Collective Kali is dividing its space in two. We welcome you on the street-facing, covered size, which will be set up as a convivial space, adapted as needed. You can go to the courtyard to have a drink, see the Panthère Première exhibition hung for the occasion, or listen to the radio shows. Here’s the programme :

Friday 10 July
Work, care and confinement : listening sessions and meetings

  • Session 1 / 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm
    « Brûler dedans / Brûler dehors
    Listening session of the first creation of the Voix De Femmes radio workshop, which deconstructs the concept of work and attempts to define its (non)sense.
  • Session 2 / 4:45 pm - 6:15 pm 
    « Prendre soin, penser en féministes le monde d'après »
    ​Listening session of the latest episode of “Un podcast à soi", which combines intimacy and expertise to address issues of genre, feminism and equality between women and men. Created by Charlotte Bienaimé for ARTE Radio.
  • ​Session 3 / 19h - 20h30
    Work, confinement, and then? Listening sessions and meetings
    The COVID-19 crisis magnified the essential role that care plays in the world, and the conditions of its practise: an opportunity to change the paradigm and putting it back in the centre for rethinking the world.
    With the participation of the Voix De Femmes radio creation workshop, Nathalie Grandjean, Laura Aristizabal and Manon Roussaux (philosophy and social science researchers).

Saturday 11 July
Stories that connect us: storytelling, documentary and meetings

  • Session 4 / 2 pm - 4 pm
    « Déesses », by Anne Borlée

    Stories have this ability to freeze our bodies and move our minds.
    This story is about the place that it will be told in, and will be followed by a discussion with Anne Borlée on our relationship with ancient mythologies.
    For everyone from 12 and up!
  • Session 5 / 4:30 pm - 6:15 pm 
    « Sirop de Liège », a film by Selemani Gloria Djemba 
    In this self-produced documentary, Selemani Gloria Djemba lets you see and hear the stories of Afro-descendent youth in Liege. When you learn about the characters in the story, society as a whole must look right back at itself.
    The projection will be followed by a chat with the director, where we’ll discuss, amongst other social movements, Black Lives Matter and their interests in the Belgian context.

  • Session 6 / 9 pm - 10:30
    « Déesses », by Anne Borlée
    A second show for a night of storytelling and live broadcast as a part of the radio event. S'écouter, ça conte.
    It will follow “La Bosse”, a story up in the heights of Liege, told by Marie-Claire Desmette.


Extrait de "Sirop de Liège", documentaire de Selemani Gloria Djemba


"Un podcast à soi", une production ARTE Radio (visuel).
"Un podcast à soi", une production ARTE Radio (visuel).


"Brûler dedans / Brûler dehors", création collective des ateliers Voix De Femmes, 2018.
"Brûler dedans / Brûler dehors", création collective des ateliers Voix De Femmes, 2018.