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Pocket weekend #3: thinking outside the box!

To close this funny year, we’ll think outside the box thanks to the perspectives of Delphine Hermans, Capucine Latrasse, and Alix Garin on comic books and animation through an exhibition, a meeting, and screenings for children. A pocket weekend of escapism for young and old alike.

The Guests:

  • Alix Garin
    Alix Garin was born in 1997 in Belgium. She found her calling at a very young age and didn’t hesitate to begin her studies in Comic Books at the Saint-Luc School of the Arts in Liege. In 2018, having just graduated, she moved to Brussels, was hired by the agency Cartoonbase, and began writing "Ne m’oublie pas " (" Don’t forget me", Le Lombard, 2021) in parallel. This first album tells the story of the spectacular escape of Clémence and Marie-Louise, her grandmother suffering from Alzheimer’s.

  • Capucine Latrasse
    After completing her studies at the Epinal and Nancy Schools of Art and the La Poudrière school in Valence (France), Capucine Latrasse  first worked on animated series and animated short films, all while cutting her teeth in comic books. Her stories are edited via the independent collectives Freakshow Comix, Stripburger, Milk&Wodka, GRANDPAPIER, and she now makes her own films. Today, she lives and works in Liege.

  • Delphine Hermans
    A Belgian illustratress and animatress, Delphine Hermans trained at the La Cambre National School of Visual Arts before moving to Liege, where she has worked for the association Camera-etc since 2006. Alongside her sister, Anaëlle Hermans, she published “Avant d’oublier” (“Before forgetting”, Warum, 2014), the story of a young woman who, following the death of her grandfather, goes to meet the elderly residents of her neighbourhood. She made the animated short film “Poils” (“Hair”) in 2013, and this summer, along with Michel Vandam, she has a comic book, “La Somnambule” (“The Sleepwalker”) coming out, published by the association D’Une Certaine Gaieté.

The programme :

Friday 25th June
Meeting with Alix Garin and Delphine Hermans + exhibition by Delphine Hermans

  • Meeting with Alix Garin and Delphine Hermans/6pm/La Grande Ourse
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    Comic books, animation, favourite subjects : Alix Garin and Delphine Hermans will discuss their experiences, their practices, and their stories, with the help of the ACME comics research group. The meeting will also be live-streamed, right here!
  • Exhibition by Delphine Hermans/La Grande Ourse
    Displayed on the walls of La Grande Ourse, until 5th September: original posters by Delphine Hermans for “La Somnambule” (“The Sleepwalker”).

Saturday 26th June
Screenings for children, book signings, and exhibition

  • Screenings for children/ 10:30am or 2:30pm/ Kali Collective Cafeteria
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    A selection of animated short films carefully chosen by Capucine Latrasse and Delphine Hermans: an hour of all-terrain discoveries! After the screenings, the children will be able to ask the curators questions. If weather allows, the Kali terrace will be open during the screenings and will serve as a childcare facility for parents and accompanying adults.

  • Book signing and exhibition/ 5pm to 7pm/ La Grande Ourse
    The publishers D'Une Certaine Gaieté and l'Ourse invite Delphine Hermans and Michel Vandam to sign their comic book "La Somnambule" (“The Sleepwalker”). This will also be an opportunity to exhibit the originals, as it should be!

With the support of the General Service for Arts and Books of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.



Alix Garin. Photo : Robin Nissen.
Alix Garin. Photo : Robin Nissen.


Une planche de "Ne m'oublie pas" d'Alix Garin (Le Lombard, 2021).
Une planche de "Ne m'oublie pas" d'Alix Garin (Le Lombard, 2021).


Une planche de "La Somnambule", de Delphine Hermans et Michel Vandam (D'une Certaine Gaieté, 2021).
Une planche de "La Somnambule", de Delphine Hermans et Michel Vandam (D'une Certaine Gaieté, 2021).


Delphine Hermans - Photo © Gauthier Simon
Delphine Hermans - Photo © Gauthier Simon
"Poils" : un court métrage d'animation réalisé par Delphine Hermans sur la pilosité amoureuse.
"Zombie tea party", réalisé par Capucine Latrasse pour la sortie d'une revue féministe en 2011.
"Fer de Lance", vidéoclip de Capucine Latrasse pour Kùzylarsen (2017).


Capucine Latrasse - Photo © Rarès-Victor
Capucine Latrasse - Photo © Rarès-Victor