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Slogan and Poster Design Workshop: Against Sexism and Queerphobia

We need to party and to make encounters, in a thousand places, with open doors but not at the cost of our safety. In this great need for discovery getaways and anti-boredom nights, we also need cosiness, kind and caring lights... we need safer spaces*.

Let's make our voices, our screams, our mottos heard on posters to bring to parties, to the dancefloors, hang in the toilets and at the entrances with long waiting queues. Let's connect all the wishes of our discovery getaways on loudspeakers, our dreams of anti-boredom nights up on the walls of a thousand places and let all our hopes be read by all in caps-lock.

Slogans, punchlines, aphorisms and fragments: all haikus are allowed!

In practice, we offer you a workshop in two stages: an evening of writing slogans + a day of creating posters. It will look like this:

Day 1: Slogans!
On 25 May from 17:30 to 20:30 at La Grande Ourse.

The first day of the workshop will be led by Camille Pier (they/them). Camille is a slammer, cabaret artist and illustrator. Nestor (him), Josie (her), Pierre Rococo (him) and others make up the system of Camille’s inner world between snapping words, cracking symbols, gratuitous drama and queer militancy.

Day 2: Posters!
On 26 or 27 May (pick preferred date) – from 9:30 to 16:00 in the Studio Presse, papier, typo ! 

For this second day of the workshop, Muriel Vanderborght will welcome us in her new studio, at the back of La Grande Ourse, to introduce us to typography. Paper selection, poster design and production using presses of the visual interpretations of the slogans. The posters produced during the workshop will be used to adorn all the festive places of Liège with your punchlines.

*A safe space can be defined as an environment in which everyone feels comfortable to express themselves and participate fully.



Camille Pier. Photo : Lara Herbinia
Camille Pier. Photo : Lara Herbinia


"Piétinons les cendres de tous les ismes et du patriarcat". Atelier Safe Space(s) de juin 2021. Photo : Mélanie Cao.
"Piétinons les cendres de tous les ismes et du patriarcat". Atelier Safe Space(s) de juin 2021. Photo : Mélanie Cao.