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Trance choir: chaabi singing workshops

4 workshops to (re)discover traditional chaabi songs from Northern Morocco: a repertoire made of shivering melodies and captivating voices, on grooved rhythms tending towards trance.

These songs will be approached in the European polyphonic tradition with Belgian-Moroccan musician Laïla Amezian, before being accompanied by the percussionists of the group B'net Chaabi and Fanfare du Nord. A unique experience that will take you to the Manège Fonck, all the way to the great Chaabi Transe Express day! 

Workshop programme

During these workshops, Laïla invites you to discover songs taken from the traditional repertoire of northern Morocco sung in darrija (Moroccan dialect). These popular urban songs with rural, folkloric or Arab-Andalusian influences are traditionally sung in unison, and offer a rich and colourful poetry, about love as much as everyday life or the universe, but constantly imbued with mystique.

The songs will be approached in the very spirit of their originality, namely with repetition, monotone, call, lament or rhythm tending towards trance. But also by introducing the principle of polyphony, an approach that does not exist in North African music, which gives these workshops a unique sound.

Chaabi Habibi is a project led by HalfmOon in partnership with MetX, Nakhla, Muziekpublique, Bij’ de Vieze Gasten, Le Senghor, Vaartkapoen, Darna, Corso, Voix De Femmes & FMV.
With the support of de Vlaamse overheid voor Bovenlokale Cultuurprojecten, VGC Erfgoed, Accord de Coopération Communauté flamande et Communauté française, COCOF Service Culture-Musique, Un Futur pour la Culture-Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles & Brussels 2030.




Photo : Pablo Kharroubi.
Photo : Pablo Kharroubi.