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Aline Hémagi Fernande

Artist, storyteller, performer, vocal improviser, poetess ... but also artistic directress of Dimanches du Conte Brussels (Storytelling Sundays), together with Novella De Giorgi. In all its guises, the work of Aline Hemagi Fernande - aka La Sardine - is rooted in the oral tradition and contemporary forms of storytelling, influenced by the alternative scene, improvised music, the convergence of struggles (LGBTQIA+, feminist, decolonial, environmental, artistic, and social struggles, etc.)

She seeks to poetically and collectively promote rebellions that are rooted in us and speaks out in favour of minorities, marginalised people, non-conformists and gender issues. For fantasies to intertwine, form unique and fleeting universes, and leave their mark on the audience’s memories.

Her Curious Résidence 

Three arts: storytelling, song and music. And three keywords: disobedience, ritual, rejoicing.

“When you're a lesbian, how can you not dream of a place outside of the world, of its daily worries, its unbearable violence, and the societal pressures on women's bodies and their life choices? A place removed from the privileges and domination of men. A place in a community of women, a place dedicated to study, research, a self-sufficient place, a place where you can learn all trades, play all roles. In terms of mythology, we often find this place referred to as the Island of Women. On this island, love affairs between women are commonplace and the outcome of these love affairs depends on the society in which the storyteller lives and their position in relation to that society’s norms”.

The creative project ‘Ma Soeur, Mon Amour' (My Sister, My Love - provisional title) centres on a convent as a reimagining of this Island of Women. A place where many women have taken refuge to escape the norms of marriage, heteronormativity and motherhood. Far from overused, tired fantasies, this project will mainly tell the stories of religious and lesbian women who really existed. These will be mixed with other stories that will take the form of short poetic songs and rituals borrowed from Catholicism, from traditional popular French-language stories and songs, or from compositions influenced by modern music. 

It will be about Love - whether for another sister, another woman, Christ or the Virgin Mary - and Rebellion!

With: Caroline Stavaux (sound designer), Myriam Pellicane (artistic support), Moni Wespi (scenographer and costume designer), Carine Demange (artistic advisor), Alice Dussart (lighting designer). Visuals: Novella De Giorgi (photographer) and Pauline Richon (videographer). 

And we are already rejoicing!


Aline Hémagi Fernande, brouillon de costume pour "Ma soeur, mon amour" (titre provisoire), 2020.
Aline Hémagi Fernande, brouillon de costume pour "Ma soeur, mon amour" (titre provisoire), 2020.


Entre Tinieblas (capture) de Pedro Almodóvar, 1983.
Entre Tinieblas (capture) de Pedro Almodóvar, 1983.


Le couvent de la bête sacrée (capture) de Norifumi Suzuki, 1974.
Le couvent de la bête sacrée (capture) de Norifumi Suzuki, 1974.