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Burning in / burning out : women's work

What would you take if your house was on fire?
I’d take the fire. (Marguerite Yourcenar)

Since 2017, the "Brûler dedans / Brûler dehors" (Burning in / Burning out) cycle explored the various bonds between women and work.

As a philosophy, sound creation or writing workshop, rounds offered spaces for expression and analysis that connected the personal to the collective, the intimate and the poetic to the political.


Inspired by the current text of the play “Où est Alice ?” by the Compagnie Paulette Godart, a first cycle of philosophical and sound creation workshops dissects the notion of work and attempts to define its (non)sense.

This led to the sound capsule “Brûler dedans / Brûler dehors. De part et d'autre de l'emploi” (in French).

With : Alice, Annick, Anouck, Ans, Caroline, Christel, Delphine, Laura, Martine, Muriel, Nadine, Sophie, Valérie, and Viga.
Facilitated by : Lara Persain, Catherine Wilkin, PhiloCité.


New sound creation and writing workshops were born with a new, ambitious goal: radio performance. So that these bodies can tell their stories, too. These bodies, which speak of us at and outside of work. The goal was to shape the multifaceted body and the diverse collective of voices and experiences. 

And suddenly, it’s March 2020. Everyone is at home. Remote work, “front line” work, no work : the theme is experienced differently but intensely during lockdown. 

While waiting to be able to meet again, the group moves forward on creating a sound capsule, the first step toward performance. It is expected to be released to the public in August 2020.

With: Alice, Valérie, Annick, Bénédicte, Laura B., Laura P., and Elisabeth.
Facilitated by : Catherine Wilkin, Zoé Suliko, Caroline Martin.

"Je suis une femme qui." Création collective confinée, printemps 2020. Montage : Zoé Tabourdiot.
"Le travail c'est." Création collective confinée, printemps 2020. Montage : Zoé Tabourdiot.