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De proches en proches: our new monthly newsletter

Like many others, the Voix De Femmes team was in lockdown this spring. We had to put our spring programme on hold, keeping it on the back burner for a future time. We had to stop the physical attendance of our ongoing workshops and find other ways to stay in touch with some of them.

And like many others, we had to ask ourselves the following question: how can we fulfil our mission during a global pandemic?

“De proches en proches” was the first path we took. The team’s new newsletter is an extension of one of our official purposes : to raise awareness and give recognition to women artists. And one of our unspoken purposes : to create something together, even if we’re apart.

As such, once a month you will get a rather arbitrary and subjective selection of content, from all sorts of disciplines, based on a keyword.

And we will regularly share more about these artists on Facebook and Instagram.

The first newsletter came out on June 3. You can subscribe here. It's written in French, but here's our online translation go-to.

For those who like riddles, we asked the participants of the current sound creation workshop to create a short playlist about the first keyword. You can find it below on our spanking new Spotify channel or on YouTube.