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MINI MARCH : a workshop for little activists!

To start the summer, we dove into what connects the content and form of our commitments. We launched a seminar for adults and a workshop for children.

The MINI MARCH is where children can finally express their point of views, loudly and in colour! Together, we’ll choose the best slogans and make signs with cutting, collage and colouring. 

The workshop is coordinated by Cécile Barraud de Lagerie. Colourist, illustrator, and multi-faceted designer, she specialises in colour, prints, and weaving for the textile and fashion industry. She also very regularly holds workshops for people of all ages.

Cécile has also been the resident illustrator for our festivals since 2017, and she was one of our former Curieuses Résidentes.

Practical info

For children between 6 and 8
1 or 2 July 2020
From 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m
The workshop will be held in French.
Warning: spots are limited. Registration required!


Participation is based on the principle of personal responsibility and commitment: each person, based on their own situation, means and priorities, contributes what they believe is fair and consistent with what they receive. It’s also about giving value to the project and the speakers/artists in a spirit of exchange and sharing.



Crédit revendication : Billie, 5 ans et demi.
Crédit revendication : Billie, 5 ans et demi.