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Three workshops for children on colour, with Cécile Barraud de Lagerie

Please note that the workshops will take place in French. If you want to accompany your child to translate into your language, you’re welcome to!

Cécile Barraud de Lagerie is a colourist, illustrator, and multi-faceted designer. Cécile has also been the resident illustrator for our festivals since 2017, and she was one of our former Curieuses Résidentes.
Above all, she specialises in colour, prints, and weaving for the textile and fashion industry. Three consecutive Saturdays this summer, she will lead super colourful workshops for children between 5 and 10.

Saturday 25 July
Colours and movement: spinning tops

How do colours mix with movement?
Children will create spinning tops to make new colours appear. This was a hit from our last Voix De Femmes festival, and is back by popular demand!

Saturday 1 August
Composite colours: post cards

How do you feature space and depth with colour?
Children will create colourful landscapes by cutting and composing with colour.

Saturday 8 August
Woven colour: paper weaving

How can you make colour vibrate? Children will weave together strips of colour to experiment with chromatic vibrations and contrasts.

Donation based

Participation is based on the principle of personal responsibility and commitment: each person, based on their own situation, means and priorities, contributes what they believe is fair and consistent with what they receive. It’s also about giving value to the project and the speakers/artists in a spirit of exchange and sharing.

♥ In collaboration with Guinguette La Mouette ♥


Atelier "Couleurs en mouvement" mené par Cécile Barraud de Lagerie. Festival Voix De Femmes, 2019.
Atelier "Couleurs en mouvement" mené par Cécile Barraud de Lagerie. Festival Voix De Femmes, 2019.


Couleurs tramées : tissages de papier !
Couleurs tramées : tissages de papier !


Couleurs composées : cartes postales.
Couleurs composées : cartes postales.